Prue Stent

Gucci #24hourAce in collaboration with Honey Long and Clare Longley 

Text: Samantha Culp

Concept: Prue Stent, Clare Longley, Honey Long

sound design: Eric Feignbaum

"Australia is known for its unusual flora and fauna, but native Prue Stent is adding her own spin to the outback landscape. The young photographer is a naturalist of the subconscious, documenting surreal female forms emerging from rocks and deserts, dripping with pink slime, contorted by balloons, fruits and fabric. They're equally erotic and estranged, subverting stereotypical femininity for something more primal and anarchic under the blazing antipodal sun. For #GucciAce, her gorgeous mutants turn Joshua Tree, a reference to the deserts of her homeland, into a kaleidoscope, a mirage of racy yet innocent bodies in conversation with the elements. They do things differently down under. "

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