Prue Stent

Loose Allure

‘Loose Allure’ conveys surreal abstractions of mainstream notions of feminine beauty. By blurring subject, object and environment together we wished to explore our conflicted relationship to femininity and its passive associations. Across the series setting becomes abstracted, blurred between constructs of ‘untamed nature’ and domestic suburbia. Existing within this are fragmented female forms often accompanied by material objects that act as prosthetic appendages. There is something disturbing about the way in which female body parts have been displaced in their different settings, conflated with banal feminized objects. The whimsical beauty of the absurd compositions however can also be seen to highlight and exalt the feminine form as well as annexing the mundane and extracting its inner light. We are not seeking to deny these feminine associations but rather question their cultural classification within a system of reductive binaries.

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